Pregnant Fuck-Slut Desperate To Get Dick

From Pregnant Sistas

Starring Newne, Ray Rizzle

Tags Blowjobs, Cum on Hands, Cum on Stomach, Fingering, Handjobs, Hardcore, Oral Sex

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Added July 24 2014

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Pregnant ebony bitch Newde is almost ready to drop and her hormones are going crazy. All she can think about is dick. To satiate her sexual designers, she gets on the phone to the local pimp, and he gets there pronto, ready to deliver the smack down on her vagina. He takes great pleasure in exploring her pregnant form, but by far the best part is when he is giving it to her good, pulling her hair while he bangs her from behind. Better watch out, big boy - you might hit the baby's head with that massive cock of yours! It's true that no one screams louder than a pregnant bitch!

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